Today is my day to spend going over my assignment (thank goodness for my mid term break coinciding with the due date of this task!).  I have many doubts about the quality of my work – it has been an obscenely long time since I have written a paper, and my writing skills have degenerated a lot since my university days.

I guess a lot of my frustration with this assignment is that I can clearly see issues with my school library – but most of them revolve around the TL herself!  I do believe my TL is also in training, which makes it even more difficult to comprehend the issues we face in our library.  It is a rather hostile environment (as a teacher I do not enjoy taking my students to the library, and my students do not like it much either).  The door to the library is permanently locked so students can not enter whenever they want; they get nagged endlessly when they take a book off the shelf, and just the other day a student was told they could not borrow a book because ‘they needed to organise to borrow with the librarian much earlier’!  I actually suspect that student was not allowed to borrow because they were a Tutorial Centre student and the librarian thought the books would never come back… which I see as a major equity issue in my school.

I just find it very hard to believe that our TL is undertaking similar training to me, and still behaves in such a manner.  It is truly frustrating.


Well, I have been awfully lax in updating here.  Between trying to wrap my head around all the readings, staying on top of teaching (aaaaah Year 12!), having to travel a lot lately for work, and having a few personal issues crop up… I just haven’t seemed to be able to find the time. 

I dropped 501, which made me feel incredibly sad, but I can’t dedicate the time that is required to both courses.  I remember thinking when I decided to attempt to get my Masters that ‘oh, it’ll be easy, I remember doing 5 course semesters and working full time at uni!’ Of course, I forgot to allow for teaching being a much more difficult job, and the fact that I lived at home at the time!

However, after reading other people’s experiences, I am really glad that I am not the only person feeling overwhelmed.  A week without internet access this week really hurt me – I was counting heavily on having internet, so now I am stupidly behind /panic!

Oh well, best get to work!

…and go on until you come to the end: then stop.” Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland.

Starting a new blog is a little like starting a new diary – you are a little reluctant to make a mark on the first page, afraid of spoiling it and making a mistake.  However, eventually you must begin, and before you know it you are flying away, writing as quickly as you can.

This is my third blog, and I am hoping it will be a great experience recording my thoughts throughout my degree.  I guess I’ll see how it goes during ETL401!  If anything, posting here should help to keep me focused.